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A summer evening at Bristol Zoo


As many of you will by now be aware Bristol Zoo is celebrating it’s 175 birthday this year, in aid of that the Zoo ran a special evening event last Friday. As a Zoo Member I was lucky enough to gain entry for free along with Emma. Not only did this give us better access to the animals (a much smaller number of visitors), but we were also treated to a BBQ, @BathAles bar and a concert by the Cotswold Big Band. Tickets for non members were £10 each, so we were very lucky to get in for free (only a limited number of free member tickets were available).

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No internet, but lots of Gorillas

Isambard Kingdom Gorilla

I have been a little lapse of late with my posts, my excuse is that I only have access to the internet at work because @virginmedia have messed up my connection again (post forthcomming).  I am still here, just not online until Saturday (when my @o2 broadband starts!).  In the interim Emma (@martianseraph) and I […]

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Jeremy the UOB Fox

Jermy The UOB Fox

I spent the majority of today writing a database back end for one of my private clients, so I was glad when I got the chance to go for a walk in the sun whilst I waited for Emma to finish work. I was out and about with my camera searching for more Wow175 Gorillas, when I came across a strange sight in the garden next to the Wills Memorial Tower.

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