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Minecraft Texture Packs

In Minecraft texture packs are used to customise the look and feel of the game, everything from the colour of the grass to just how nasty the zombies look!  You could create your own texture pack, or you could take the much easier route and download one of the many great packs that have already been created.  Texture packs are officially supported by Minecraft and can be installed by going to the “texture pack” screen and inputting your chosen pack.

The Minecraft Texture Pack Screen

The Minecraft Texture Pack Screen

  1. Click on “Mods and Texture Packs”
  2. Click on “Open texture pack folder”
  3. Copy your chosen texture pack into the folder
  4. Pick it from the list within Minecraft.

Once you have chosen your Texture Pack you go and play Minecraft and enjoy a whole new world!

I have listed some of the more well known texture packs here, and a few lesser known ones.  One thing that you need to take into concern when working with custom texture packs is upgrades. When @Notch and the mojang team add new items to Minecraft they have to add new designs to the default texture pack, this means that your custom texture pack will be lacking any new items (like the bed added in 1.3).

Example tiles from the ELDPack

Example tiles from the ELDPack

The ELDPack

This pack is my current favourite, it is clean and simple yet provides enough detail to make the game a lot more visually appealing, the armour in this pack is also one of the best I have come across.

Likes: Unlike some packs the ELDPack wood affects match on all items made of wood, from planks to stairs.  This along with the impressive looking armour makes this pack an especially nice one to play with.

Dislikes: The differences between Gold Ore and Iron Ore is not very well pronounced, especially in low light conditions.

Where can you get the pack? The ELDPack can be downloaded from the artist’s website, where you can also view more examples of this packs artwork. www.eldpack.com

This pack has been updated for Minecraft 1.6 as of ELDPack v3.5.


The Painterly Pack

Painterly Pack

Painterly Pack

The Painterly pack takes the customisation one step (or even ten steps) further, you get to customise the texture pack before you even download it.

Painterly’s website gives you the option to pick between around six different images for each item. So you could have glass that is entirely transparent or perphaps some nice stained glass.  Diamonds that look like polished diamonds, or perhaps that look like rough cut bits of diamond?

Unfortunately due to some changes made in Minecraft Beta 1.3 there are a few things that the Painterly pack does not currently support, such as the new glow-shading of red stone wires.

Apart from the above, the Painterly Pack is up to date with the new items/blocks added in both 1.2 and 1.3.

You can create and download the pack from the artists website over at www.painterlypack.net.

Screens from inside and outside my Minecraft House using the Mineout pack

Screens from inside and outside my Minecraft House using the Mineout pack

The Mineout Pack

The Mineout pack by Redmedic is slightly different to other texture packs that I have used. This one mimics the game Fallout, I don’t use it as a regular pack but it is good for when you just need a change!

Currently the pack is up to date for Minecraft 1.3 with all new blocks and items.

You can download the Mineout pack from the Minecraft Workbench here.

NOTE: Mineout hasn’t been updated since March 2011, as such it is not compatible with any recent releases of Minecraft (V1.6.5 upwards).

The creator of Mineout is however working on a full Minecraft Mod to make thinks more “fallout”.



Mariocraft texture pack for Minecraft

The Mariocraft Texture Pack

Following on from the Mineout Pack, the Mariocraft pack really changes the feel of the game.  It is more than a simple re-skin, it tries to totally immerse you in a Mario style world, the grass is greener on the other side!

In true Nintendo style the grass is bright and green, the dirt wavy with very strong silt lines! And there are fire-flowers everywhere, the standard yellow and red flowers have been turned into Mario’s favourite weed! Cobblestone looks more like compacted rubble, and the sun is a giant boo!

Mariocraft is fully 1.6.6 compatible and can be download from the workbench here.

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