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Minecraft World Exporter

Minecraft World Exporter

Minecraft World Exporter

Recently I came across a question that someone had posted on Mojang’s getSatisfaction page, they were a Minecraft newbie and asked a question that most of the troll’s on that board ignored.  The user wanted to know why their worlds were not available when they logged into another computer.  The simple answer was that single player worlds are local to a machine and do not get uploaded anywhere; unfortunatly no one answered until I did.

The user said thank you for the answer and that was that, until I realised that it would only be a few minutes work to create a small program that the question asked could use to export their worlds with ease.  And so was born mcWorldExporter, it’s just a little program that lists all your single player worlds and lets you zip up the ones you want to export.  Over onto another machine you just point the program at the zip and it imports them back into Minecraft’s saves directory, simple but that’s all it needs to be!

You can download mcWorldExporter from http://adf.ly/1fycs, sorry for the advert that this link will show (just click skip add in the top right) but a poor developer has to make money somehow!  Should the link expire or something go wrong please comment on this post.

As always any software is provided as is without liability or warranty, should you wish to improve on the application and want the source code give me a shout and we can work something out.  Or if you want me to make a change comment on the post and we can see what can be done.

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