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Homebrew: wpMyRollPage

wpMyRollPage How to use it

wpMyRollPage How to use it

wpMyRollPage displays your your links (blogroll and the such) on a page of your choosing, the output can be formatted in various ways.

To display the roll page simply put [-wpMyRollPage-] into a page.  Just make sure you do it without the dashes, otherwise the roll page would have shown here!


wpMyRollPage displays your your links (blogroll and the such) on a page of your choosing, the output can be formatted in various ways.

You can:

  • Specify which link categories are displayed.
  • Specify if the category headers are shown, and in what size and style.
  • Specify if the links ratings are shown.
  • Specify how the links ratings are shown (many different icons to choose, from stars and medals to hearts!)
  • Specify if the links pictures should be shown.
  • Specify if the links descriptions should be shown.

And much more to come! If you want wpMyRollPage to do something that it doesn’t just let me know!


  1. Upload the content of the plugin zip to the /wp-content/plugins/wpMyRollPage/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

It is suggested that you install this plugin via the WordPress Add New Plugin page rather than by uploading the files manually. If you wish to download the source code, you can do some via the WordPress Plugin Directory listing for wpMyRollPage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When someone asks one, then I will put it here!!

What about fubar?

In the unlikely event that wpMyTwitPic banjaxs your WordPress installation, please remove the wpMyRollPage folder from /wp-content/plugins and report it to me at wpMyRollPage [AT] jameschorlton.co.uk.
As with everything, don’t hold me responsible if anything does go wrong! My standard disclaimer can be found here http://www.abristolgeek.co.uk/about/disclaimer/


wpMyRollPage Example

An example of wpMyRollPage from my Links page. Click to see the real thing!

Change Log


  • A fix to prevent the plugin from showing private links.
  • A fix to ensure that categories are displayed A-Z.

Thank you to fruityoaty for reporting the bugs.


  • A minor bug fix to solve a problem caused by WordPress’ SVN repository.


  • This is the first release!


7 thoughts on “Homebrew: wpMyRollPage

  • fruityoaty says:

    Two issues:
    1. Private links should not be shown on page(See checkbox: “Keep this link private” on Edit Link settings)

    2. Link pictures aren’t shown even when I enable that feature.

  • fruityoaty says:

    Oops, forgot one more thing (not a issue but a question/feature request). How do I display the category titles alphabetically – from A to Z? (What is the quick fix? Code hack.)

    Currently, the plugin is just showing the categories based on category id number, I think.

    • jamesakadamingo says:

      Both very good points. As they are both quck fixes I will do my best to push them today.

    • jamesakadamingo says:

      I have released V1.2 that should fix the private links issue and the sorting. WordPress’ SVN repository should refresh within the hour with the update.

      I will take a look at the pictures issue later tonight.


  • angry analyst says:

    What is the best way to make it more spacey between items I don’t want a full line brake just a half to make it a bit neater?

  • Scott says:

    Great plugin! But is there an easy way to group links into columns? I have over a hundred links and this makes for a very long page. Would be great if I could break them up into 2 or 3 columns. Thanks!

    • jamesakadamingo says:


      Currently there isn’t a way to do this, but I will add it to the list for the next time that I make changes to the plugin.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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