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Lego Computer

Plugins - Lego but for WordPress!

WordPress is already a well featured blogging platform, but it’s users are always finding new ways of using it.  To aid in this there are a core group of people creating “plugins” for WordPress, some of which are now part of the main WordPress release (like Akismit the spam blocker). Along with the core group of developers, there are also hundreds of people who have simply written a plugin to do something that they wanted and then released it to the public.

There are currently over 12,000 plug-ins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, doing everything from adding a quote to the end of a post to creating fully fledged shopping carts.

There are some plugins that I don’t think I could do without, and some that are so creative, that I feel I need to advertise them a bit.  That is what this page is for, here you can find a list of the majority of plugins that I use across my various WordPress driven sites (including this one!) on the web.  If you have any comments about a plugin I have listed, or think that there is one I should check out please let me know at age@abristolgeek.co.uk (click the … to see the address!).

WordPress Database Backup

The first plugin that every single self hosted WordPress blog should have, regardless of how many or how few posts you make, this plugin is a must to keep your blog protected against WordPress Death! Take a look at it in more detail here.

SB Child List

This plugin made it into my “hall of fame” within moments of me installing it, its so simple and does it job so well that it deserved a spot. SB Child List give you the ability to easily put a bulleted list of a pages children (sub pages) anywhere on a page. The way in which it displays these lists is also rather configurable. Take a look at the details here.

Akismet Spam Blocker

This plugin comes by default with WordPress installations, but so few actually enable it. Without Akismet you have more spam than content, with it you have no spam! Find out more here.

All In One Webmaster

The most important thing for anyone who runs a website is foot fall, well page hits anyway. You might have the most impressive design with the best content, but if no one visits your site then what is the point?


BackWPup is the second WordPress backup plugin that I have featured in my Plugins list.  I have now moved over to using this to satisfy my backup needs, as it provides some extra functionality over WP-DB-Backup.

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