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April, 2011

Stokes Croft Riot, Silly Tesco

Stokes Croft Riot Police

Last night the Police attempted to evict some squatters in Stokes Croft, unfortunately for the police (and the tax payer) it went sour. The police went in hard when the feared that the new Tesco store in Stokes Croft was going to be attacked, and it was.


Back from Holiday, with special news!

The view of the stern pool on the MV Ventura as seen from the Circus Deck (19)

Apart from a quick post in Barcelona (that Wordpress for iOS neglected to post correctly) I haven’t written anything since we left for our cruise around the Mediterranean. As you can guess I am now back in good old Bristol (still in the sun though which is good!), so it is time to write a few posts about our adventure.

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