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May, 2011

The Bristol 10k Race 2011

Run Horse Man Run

Today I left the house at 7am when most were still asleep and cycled to Millennium Square to start a day of photography at the Bristol 10k Race. After an hour or so helping St Peter’s Hospice to erect their stand (it was a big stand) I made my way to the Press Office where I was lucky enough to be granted a Media Pass. This Media Pass (akin to a Press Pass) granted me access to the track, both the start and finish lines and other VIP areas. I decided not to push my luck and kept away from the VIP area, but stuck around the Start line for both waves.


Excuse me but my bag is missing…

Where's My Bag?

A quick picture from the morning we set sail on our Cruise Holiday. We spotted this strange but apparently regular occurrence. Someone had left their bag in the waiting room, rather than carrying it on to the ship. By that time the gang plank had been lifted so the dock workers tied a rope to the bag and it was hauled aboard over the water!