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#GEEK When the dragon annoys you

In my recent post about “Looking after your Computer” I recommended that people use a free security suite such as Comodo Internet Security. In my opinion Comodo is the best of the free Security Suites out there, it does everything and it does it all well.  There is however one feature that drives me insane, and until now I haven’t bothered to do anything about it!

During a recent virus scan where Comodo picked up some Dell Drivers as a potential security threat (they weren’t it was a false positive) I went searching in Comodo’s config to set some exclusions on what is called a virus.  Whilst I was there I found an option to disable the “feature” that drives me crazy. The feature is named the rather fluffy “Message Center”.

According to Comodo the message center is as follows:

The Comodo Message Center window contains information about Security Alerts and News related to Comodo Internet Security and latest critical security updates. Clicking the ‘Learn More’ link takes you to the Comodo Forums website at http://forums.comodo.com/. Registration is free and you’ll benefit from the expert contributions of developers and fellow users alike (Default = Enabled).

From experience what this should actually say is:

The Comodo Message Center window contains nothing but an anoying ‘Come and Like us on Facebook’ message that pops up when you least want it, and doesn’t have a ‘never show me this again’ button. (Default = Enabled)

Disable Comodo Message Center

Disable Comodo Message Center

Once I determined what the Message Center was I realized that I could disable this annoying feature, and I recommend that you do the same!! To the standard PC user being told of a “Virus Outbreak” (if Comodo ever actually used the message center for that task!) would only serve to frighten, your AntiVirus would be kept upto date anyway regardless of you being told about a potential threat.

Make it go away!

To disable this “feature” simply open Comodo from the icon in your task bar (by the clock!) and click onto the “More” tab. From here you can open “preferences” and simply un-tick the “Enable Comodo Message Center” box. All done!


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