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September, 2011

A Little more HDR, this time at the Zoo!

A Crocodile at Bristol Zoo (HDR)

A Little more HDR, this time at the Zoo! This started out life as a set of three bracketed photographs of a West African dwarf Crocodile in the Reptile House of Bristol Zoo (@BristolZooGdns). This beautiful example is a member of a vulnerable species and is the smallest example of the crocodile genus. Unfortunately this croc’s brothers and sisters are often killed for bush meat or even worse just to turn them into shoes.

How to save a life…

I’m currently sat on the wall next to the fountains in the centre of Bristol, as you do in such situations I am watching all the people walk past. There is a young man on a bike racing in between the slower moving pedestrians; he just missed a Japanese student by an inch. Then there is the silver haired man going for a post-word jog across the parade, he doesn’t seam to be doing to well. And finally there are three people sat drinking cheap beer whilst their two dogs run around and bark at everything. In essence it is a typical evening in the middle of Bristol, the only non typical thing is going on in my head (granted that is normal, but tonight is different!).