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October, 2011

Bristol’s Best Photography Spots

Nelson Street Diorama

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you’ll already know that Bristol is jam-packed full of brilliant places to take your cameras and camcorders out for a spin. There are some places in and around the city that I think are a cut above the rest when you’re feeling snap happy. Here’s […]


And So The Giant Looks On… Still Waiting

And So The Giant Looks On... Still Waiting

The painting is on the wall outside of the Foresters Pub, whilst I was setting up my tripod on on of the outdoor tables two patrons came out to see what I was up to. After volunteering to act as models for me (I declined!) they told me a little about the artist. His name is Andi (Andrew) Burns Colwill, he lives in Rhodes where he sells his paintings and creates murals for local businesses. He used to live in Bristol and painted this mural at the request of the Foresters’ owners.

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Minecraft Video: Those poor little chickens…


It’s saturday, which means that it’s Minecraft-day. I am sat in my local Internet Cafe (Surf ‘n’ Play in Bristol) with two of my friends. Mike aka @ShennyUK is working at the counter, well when I say working I mean that he is playing WOW until customers wave franticly at him. Sam aka @Kaivana (aka stupid-face) is joining me in our Minecraft World, we thought we might have a little play with the new potions feature of Minecraft 1.9r4. Here is the result!

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Take a step Back!

Doctor Danbo

It’s something that we all wish for on occasion, to be able to take a step back in time, perhaps after making a ridiculous internet purchase or saying something stupid whilst under the influence! We have all been there and we will all be there again I’m sure (regardless of how hard we try!). How many […]


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