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November, 2011

Smelly Little Rat Babies

Kryten and his Carrot

I have just completed one of my joyous weekly tasks, that of cleaning out my pet rats. It has been a week since they were last cleaned out and to be brutally honest they hard started to smell a little like poo! Whilst I was cleaning out the base of their cage in the shower I realised that I haven’t written anything about them for months, they wouldn’t be impressed if they knew!


They Should Be Remembered

Poppy Garden

Just five short days ago I wrote a short article asking you all if you had remembered? Many hundreds of thousands of people stood still and remembered the sacrifice of all those who have died in the name of their country and those who died as civilians. From London to Sydney and all the places in between people took time out of their busy lives to honour their dead, yet last night a small few acted in such a way to desecrate the memories of those who gave everything.


Facebook page? How did that happen!?

It's a FACEbook

This site used to post to my facebook wall every time I posted, that annoyed people! So now I have a facebook page just for A Bristol Geek! You can visit the page at facebook.com/abristolgeek, and you can even like me!

Use Your Imagination This Christmas

UOB on a winters night

The Christmas lights came on in Bristol this Friday and, no matter how much I’d love to deny it, winter is here. If it ever stops raining, I might head down to the German market at Cabot Circus and take some photos. I won’t however be going ice skating at the Mall as that will only end up with me loosing a limb; however I’m sure that there will be some photo opportunities there also! The dark can be a challenge (mentally and for photography) especially as I walk to work in the dark and return home as the sun is leaving for the day. With a little bit of luck and a good tripod (I’m getting a new one for my birthday next week!) the season can make for some very atmospheric pictures.


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