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December, 2011

Finding a lost Military Cross with Google!

Google never tires of showing us all the amazing things you can find out on the internet, this Christmas I thought I would give it a try. It goes without saying that I am permanently connected to the internet via one device of other, and my default way to answer a question (that I don’t already know the answer to!) is to ‘Goggle It’, but I haven’t used Google to research a very specific item since my school days.

Getting a new Computer, just a thought

AntiVirus Software

I have been entertaining a theory for a while regarding the impact of security software on a machine over time. As I have a little spare time over the holidays I thought I would do a tiny bit of research on the topic. So whilst I sit and half watch Terminator 2, I have been googling some historical figures regarding memory usage of Antivirus programs.


My Christmas present to myself, with SAVINGS!

This is just a quick post to share something I just discovered. I have been after a new laptop for some time but was unable to justify the expense, but thanks to a few monetary gifts over the Christmas period I have been able to clear my conscience on the matter! But what you are interested in […]

So this is Christmas

Christmas Robin

As I write this I am sat in a comfy leather arm-chair in the tastily decorated sitting room of Emma’s (@martianseraph) Father. Around me are many years worth of trappings, there is a model of an old steam locomotive to my left and a Roman bastard sword hanging above my head! Outside I can hear […]

Another Blooming Christmas 2011

Another Blooming Christmas

The nights are drawing in closer and closer by the day and we have been having some crazy weather, I mean hail storms four times a day! It’s been tough but we have nearly managed to buy all our Christmas presents, just two left to go and then we can relax! Typically the two remaining presents are the hardest to find, one of the people has zero hobbies so is equally impossible to buy for.

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