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It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Closed for the Last Time

Closed for the Last Time

It seems that each day as you walk through the city you spot another shop holding a “Closing Down Sale”. The news reporters don’t appear to tire of telling us how the “Current economic climate is forcing many independent traders to close down”, however each week I see yet another niche fast food store opening in the centre of Bristol. Within minutes walk of the office I can now get burritos from two different outlets, posh pasta from another and countless hand made sandwiches.

Until now the closure of these independent retailers hasn’t directly affected me, with the exception of having to choose a new food outlet. This was until yesterday at 5:00pm when the world of my friends and I changed forever!

For the last eight years a shop on the high street of Westbury-on-Trym has been the centre of our friendship group, it is where we all met and were we continued to meet up on a regular basis. Without it two of us would have been without jobs, and the rest of us would never have met.

All those years ago my friend Bob (@thillier_uk) and I walked into the new “Internet Gaming Centre” that we came to know as SNP (Surf n Play) with the intention of ‘seeing what it’s like’. Little did we know that it would become our second home for nearly a decade. Surf n Play closed it’s doors for the last time yesterday, with a dwindling number of customers and the rise of home gaming computers (and consoles) twinned with everyone tightening their belts financially it was only a matter of time.

Surf n Play has served the local people of Westbury well, providing them with internet access, multiplayer gaming and computer repair (and advice), and will be sorely missed by all it’s customers. But it will be missed most of all by its original crew: Kai-vana, Damingo, Shenny, IAmASheep, Dark_Pegasus, Dragon_Slayer, Mail_Man, MoukDan, Plank, Dazza and many more.

Rest in piece(s) Surf n Play.



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