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June, 2014

Angry at Carphone Warehouse and O2

So I am currently in a rather angry mood; currently I want to locate O2′s head office and storm in their and “demand satisfaction”! But I suppose that this rant of a post will have to do. Allow me to set the scene:

Yesterday I spotted a great deal on Carphone Warehouses website; it was for the phone I had been tempted with recently and at a great price (no up front charge). If you want to take a look it might still be here. So I put in my order and started to look forward to the arrival of my shiny new HTC One M8.

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An (A)DBA and SQL Monitor

In my professional life I am a C# .net Developer and the accidental dba (ADBA) at my company. I call my self an ADBA because we didn’t originally have a Database Administrator and I sort of fell into the role. The company grew and although it’s databases were already important they were now under greater strain and needed to be run on better hardware.

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Once more into the breach…

Well it has been a while since I last posted here; I could say that life has been busy or I could make other excuses! Truth be told it has; since my last post I have gotten married and bought a house (along with all the stress that work can provide!).