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Angry at Carphone Warehouse and O2

So I am currently in a rather angry mood; currently I want to locate O2′s head office and storm in their and “demand satisfaction”! But I suppose that this rant of a post will have to do. Allow me to set the scene:

Yesterday I spotted a great deal on Carphone Warehouses website; it was for the phone I had been tempted with recently and at a great price (no up front charge). If you want to take a look it might still be here. So I put in my order and started to look forward to the arrival of my shiny new HTC One M8.

This afternoon I received an email from Carphone Warehouse stating that I had to pay a £150 deposit if I wanted my phone. Apparently O2 see me as a credit risk! I gave them a call and asked for the reasons, person one fobbed me off to person two who said I had to call O2 direct. And so it began; person one at O2 passed me to person two who insisted that I was not entitled to know why they wanted £150. Apparently it would be my credit rating; although person one had said it was because I used to be a customer of O2 (discrimination I am sure). After getting no where with O2 I decided to take a quick look at my credit report….

It seems that my credit rating is currently 5/5 so perfect in every way; and the most interesting part the last Credit Check performed against me was actually for my car insurance back in April. So it seems that O2 are just trying to get money from their potential customers (and Carphone Warehouse are helping them to do it).

A £0.00 deal suddenly becomes the normal £150 upfront deal that they sell; now that wouldn’t be unfair and deceitful business practices would it? I make no statement and leave it to the reader to decide.

Needless to say I have canceled the order; and there is a strongly worded tweet waiting for @O2 and @CPWTweets when they next log in.
So I won’t be getting my HTC One M8 as I hoped, that is unless one of the two mean companies wants to come and make friends again!

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