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July, 2014

Curse those cursors

Even the best written query can run away with itself sometimes; especially if you have some form of recursion in the script. Be is a while loop or a cursor; the data does not always fit the expectations of the developer. In that case the query can run and run until you run out of resources and your server starts to stutter.


Zoom goes the bike

So perhaps the title of this post is not 100% true, more “go” than “zoom”! It has been a while since I cycled to work; last time I was knocked off by bike by a van driver and I damaged my shoulder. My shoulder has mostly healed now and my monthly parking permit has expired so I have decided to get back on my bike and cycle to work. It’s not a long way or a particularly¬†hard route but it is enough for me (my knees don’t work very well).


Quick Post: SQL File Growth

When you first take over a database system you often find that the little (but important) things have been forgotten about. There are 101 reasons why something like auto file growth can be a bad thing; the default is 10% so if you have a 10GB database you could end up seeing a 1GB autogrowth event. An event of that size is very expensive both in I/O and WAIT events.

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