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Zoom goes the bike

So perhaps the title of this post is not 100% true, more “go” than “zoom”! It has been a while since I cycled to work; last time I was knocked off by bike by a van driver and I damaged my shoulder. My shoulder has mostly healed now and my monthly parking permit has expired so I have decided to get back on my bike and cycle to work. It’s not a long way or a particularly hard route but it is enough for me (my knees don’t work very well).

As an extra measure after being knocked off my bike I decided to purchase a camera for my handlebars! My intention is to use any video to prove someone was driving dangerously in the future (the van company did nothing about it). So as a first I have uploaded my journey; in the future I will only upload interesting videos (me being run over, or some idiot getting in my way, etc!).

And to make this post seam worth while here is a bit about the camera; it is a “QUMOX @ SJ4000 Black Action Sport Cam Camera Waterproof Full HD 1080p” which at the time of writing is £75 on amazon. The equivalent is the well known but expensive GoPro Hero3+, granted the SJ4000 doesn’t have the built in wi-fi but is that really worth another £194?

The camera records in 1080p at 30fps (or 60fps if you drop to 720p); which for something so small (59.27×41.13×29.28) is rather impressive. The videos are saved in h.264 mov files that can be pulled off the MicroSD card directly using the built in USB mass storage device. should you wish the camera can also take stills up to 12MP. The package I purchased from Amazon also came with a plethora of fixings to attach the camera to everything from a car windscreen to the side of your cycle helmet, all of which are very well built. The camera itself is housed in a very robust waterproof housing so hopefully the next time I come off my bike at least it will survive!


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