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Hedgehog barred from Oldstation in Suffolk

We all know that Hedgehogs are cute, and that geeks love them (Sonic the Hedgehog is after all the best of the specie). So as a self proclaimed geek myself I would be amiss if I didn’t inform you all of this disastrous event in the Hedgehog world.

A simple hedgehog who was quietly going about his business has been trapped by a set of bars in Suffolk. It is believed that he became stuck due to his poor eyesight; thanks to this he misjudged the width of a gap when going for a jog!

The BBC has posted a breaking news story on the plight of this innocent creature; who thanks to the brave people from Suffolk Fire and Rescue has been saved from his predicament.

See the BBC for details

See the BBC for details

The stuck hedgehog has declined to comment.


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