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Puppy Daisy Meet World

Daisy and Mr Horse

Daisy met Mr Horse for the first time and had so much fun!

Today shall for ever be known as “P” Day, aka Puppy Day. This morning we picked up our new West Highland White Terrier (aka a Westie Puppy) Daisy.

Daisy was one of seven pups in her litter (a lot for a west highland terrier) so she has been used to a big family from the start (her human readers also had two children). When we arrived to pick her up it was as if she remembered us from two weeks ago when we went to visit! She was eager to go and explore with us; the drive back to Bristol from Exeter went smoothly, she didn’t pee or poop in the car!

So far she seems to love our house and garden; she has had a little run in the garden and has already learnt to climb the stairs back onto the decking! Although her favorite moment seems to be her new toy bone (she hasn’t had one before); and it has been entertaining for us to!

We will post more photos and videos as time goes by (and Daisy does interesting things!) so stay tuned!


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