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Puppy Preparations

We moved in to our “new” house in late 2013; there was a lot of work to do as the previous owner had not exactly kept it in a fit state. There were holes in walls where he had hung up TVs (seriously who cuts a TV sized hole in the plasterboard?)

Our garden back in 2013, a mess

And this was after the grass was cut!

The garden was a complete mess; the photo to the left was taken after the grass had been cut (it was about 4ft tall). What you can’t really see in the picture is that the decking was upside down and had never been treated! Fixing that was one of my first jobs in the spring. That included taking all the decking up, cleaning every plank, and relaying the entire thing!

Cutting a long story short the house finally  became ready to host a puppy a month or so ago. To the extent that I have half converted our garage into a play room (and safe area when she has to be left alone).

It’s amazing just how much work has to be done to make a place puppy safe (it’s almost like making it kid safe). Trips to Ikea do buy doors for our bookshelf, raising the bluray collection above chewing height, cable trunking for all the power and network cables, etc etc.

It will all be worth it when daisy arrives, and I will be posting lots of cute pictures and videos of her as time goes by!

TLDR: were getting a puppy, we had to change stuff, I’m waffling so it doesn’t really matter!

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