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Speed up WordPress – Part 3 (Testing your changes)

Following on from my previous two posts on the subject on how to speed up WordPress (Speed up WordPress and Speed up WordPress – Server Side) this is part 3 of the series.


Testing the your changes

If you have followed some of the tips that I gave in my previous two posts you will now be wanting to perform some tests to see if you how you have done! There are several sites out there that let you test WordPress speed; the first to start with is the most important.

What does Google think?

Google PageSpeed is both a tool for web developers and a system used by Google to help it to rank websites; as I mentioned in my fist post Google will normally rank a fast site higher for a number of reasons (mobile friendly being one of them).

Google page speed test for google.co.uk

www.google.co.uk, not following their own guides it seems!

To run a Google PageSpeed test simply go to https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and enter your URL. Google will then run its magic and give you two results, one for Mobile and one for Desktop. They give you basic information about the problem and any solutions. If a soliution doesn’t make sense I suggest you google it! There are a wealth of resources out there to help you; if you really can’t get a grasp on the cause of the problem then I suggest that you visit stackoverflow and ask the geniuses there for some help (its free).

Other Speed Tests

In true TV Style I shall say “there are other page speed tests available” and they are:

  • Pingdom – As well as providing a website monitoring service pingdom also provide a free page speed test.
  • GTmetrix – GTmetrix gives a more detailed view of each test and its outcome.
  • Monitis – This speed test gives a detailed view of each resources as and when it is loaded. Great for finding that annoying bit of JavaScript that is taking longer to load.

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