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One week later: Puppy’s first week

Daisy enjoying her first bath!

Daisy enjoying her first bath!

It has been Severn days; yet it feels both like a month and a evening at the same time. There have been a number of changes to our lives in such a shot time; some we expected and planned for, others weren’t and required some action, and finally there have been some that just make life better!

We did a lot of research in the months and weeks leading up to “P Day”. There are a plethora of websites out there giving advice on all aspects, you need to remember that anyone with a computer (me included) can claim they know everything about a subject! So please verify the things you read; check out the sites with some authority first, but don’t discount the little guys that try something that no one else has thought of, they may just save the day!

I will list a number of the sites I have found at the end of this article but first I want to return to those changes. I will also write some more detailed articles on how we and daisy have enjoyed our time so far (just when I don’t have to take her to pee every 30 seconds!).

Life the universe and your home!

There are a few things you have to realize before you get a puppy, changes that you must make to both your home and your life.

A puppy will eat anything, everything, even the stuff that can’t be eaten. You need to think about the little things:

  • Electrics – A dog will chew on anything it can reach, get some cable trunking for your lights or network cables. It’s not hard to fit, you can get sticky backed trunking, and you can easily cut it with a kitchen knife.
  • DVDs – Dogs love frisbees, unfortunately your carefully built collection of DVDs looks just like a big stack of toys! A dog will turn a dvd into bent plastic in seconds. Move them out the way!
  • Bits ‘n’ Bobs – Emma has a set of shelves covered in nice items she has collected over the years. They are lovely but they are also bite size! Luckily Ikea sells glass doors for their shelving units!

There is a lot more to think about than this but it’s a staring point!

We all love our sleep, unfortunately puppies love theirs when you don’t. For at least the first week you will be knackered. They will cry at night and need to pee at 3am! If you think you are going to get up for work on day two you are wrong! Take the week off, not only for the sleep issues but also because you should NEVER leave a young puppy alone.

That being said, sitting with daisy for 20 minutes before we all go to sleep is really rewarding. She enjoys a quiet play and then takes her self to bed after coming to both of us to say night night! It makes going to sleep ourselves that bit more rewarding, were tired but happy and sleep well (until she wakes us up!).

Toilet time or “her business” as we call it, will happen all the time to start with! In the time it has taken me to write all this Daisy has done hers 3 times! Buy a lot of poop bags (we use Bags On Board Scented Refill Rolls from amazon) and the various pet safe disinfectants and odour removers!

Stylish sofa defences even if I do say so myself!

Stylish sofa defences even if I do say so myself!

There was one thing that we didn’t think about, that became an instant problem. Our sofa is raised on wooden legs, the moment daisy got worried (loud noise, door bell, closing doors!) she would dive under the sofa and refuse to come out. To make it worse, I can’t fit under the sofa so getting her out was a challenge! After two days I went to b&q and bought some wood to build a guard to hide the underside of the sofa. Now she just loves to snooze against it at out feet whilst we watch TV!

I could write paragraphs and paragraphs more but then I would have nothing to write about in the future! So to end with, here is a list of sites and items we have found helpful so far.


Oh, and one of the best money saving tips I can give you when you get a puppy is… get an amazon prime account (free 30 day trial) so you can get all the bits you didnt realise you needed delivered the next day! Even if you cancel it a month later; being able to get free next day delivery when you cant leave the house is a god send!



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