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FitBark dog activity monitor

FitBark Home Pack screen

The “Home Pack” screen with all your dogs!

Please note that this is an unpaid review of the FitBark Dog Activity monitor, I bought the device with my own money!

As any of my readers will know we bought a puppy into our family earlier in the year. She is now almost seven months old!

I wanted to share something that we bought her; or as Emma would put it, I bought for me that she happens to have!

Internet of Things for your puppy!

You may have heard of the fitbit, an activity tracker that you wear on your wrist. Dependent on the model it can track steps, stairs, heart rate and the such, I have had one of these for just over a year. Friends and I regularly use them to challenge each other to work week step counts. Its a good way to track your casual activities towards getting fit. I had been using mine to get an idea of the distance I walk with daisy each day, but it didn’t really give me much of a picture about her activity. I thought it would be cool if someone made one for a dog, and surprise surprise they have!

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

Being the geek that I am I started googling the options, there were two that stood out. Whistle and the FitBark Dog Activity monitor, although Whistle has a few more features it is also a larger device. I chose to go for a FitBark because it seemed out would take up less space on Daisy’s collar and admittedly it costs less! I won’t go into a comparison between the two, there are already articles out there on that subject.

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

The FitBark is a little bone shaped device that attaches to your dogs collar, simply put it monitors your dogs movement. The magicians at fitbark have a closely guarded algorithm that converts your pups movements into points they call BarkPoints. As with steps on a fitbit your dog gets a target and you work towards it, simple!

FitBark daily view

The FitBark Daily View.

The difference is that FitBark takes your pups age and breed into consideration before giving you a sliding scale for your target. The daily point count is broken down into hour slots, allowing you to see how active your dog has been throughout the day (particularly helpful if your dog stays at home whilst you work).

The various graphs that fit bark provides give you an insight into your dogs daily life, from how deeply it sleeps to how much play it gets when your not home. I found it particularly interesting to find out that daisy is normally awake for a while before she wakes us up! Each hour is split into three categories; play, active and rest. Once the hour is up you get a minute count for each category and a funky circular graph showing how the day is going.

As with other trackers FitBark syncs with your mobile phone over Bluetooth and from there to their servers. You can sync with more than one phone, so in our case Emma can view the stats easily and sync if I’m not there. They also have an interesting little kennel shaped device that acts as a sync station for multiple fitbarks. They aim it at pet replated businesses such as kennels so that you can keep an eye on your let whilst you are away (something I will be using it for when my parents look after daisy during our cruise next year!).

Fitbark are still adding features to their platform so more will come as time goes by. The tracker is available in a number of colours, needless to say we chose pink. You can find out more on their website; if I have piqued your interest you can buy a fitbark from their store or amazon UK.

And just for the internet naysayers, I bought the fitbark dog activity monitor and kennel with my own money, I have received nothing from them for this article.

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