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No trees were harmed in the creation of this blog; however, a significant number of electrons were slightly inconvenienced.

Bike Ride

Zoom goes the bike

So perhaps the title of this post is not 100% true, more “go” than “zoom”! It has been a while since I cycled to work; last time I was knocked off by bike by a van driver and I damaged my shoulder. My shoulder has mostly healed now and my monthly parking permit has expired so I have decided to get back on my bike and cycle to work. It’s not a long way or a particularly¬†hard route but it is enough for me (my knees don’t work very well).


An Evening Bike Ride

Emma's new blue bike and mine alongside

This post is late by a few days, my excuse is that I havn’t had the time to sit and write anything. Even now it isn’t going to be the longest of posts! Emma has been after a new bike for a few months, on Tuesday she finally got one! I ordered it on Sunday for her from Halfords at Cribbs Causeway. It isn’t anything special as we can’t afford it right now, but it is nice and she loves it! When I got home on Tuesday all I wanted was to collapse on the sofa and fall asleep, unfortunately that was not the case! We went for a cycle along the river (behind Redcliffe), before joining the path that runs along the bottom of Leigh Woods.

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