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SQL Server

My SQL Migration Tool Box

As I have mentioned in a previous post I have been migrating databases from old hardware that has gone out of support, up to new clustered servers in our collocation data center. Part of the migration has included bringing the databases from SQL 2000 up to SQL 2012; doing so requires all sorts of changes […]

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Curse those cursors

Even the best written query can run away with itself sometimes; especially if you have some form of recursion in the script. Be is a while loop or a cursor; the data does not always fit the expectations of the developer. In that case the query can run and run until you run out of resources and your server starts to stutter.


Quick Post: SQL File Growth

When you first take over a database system you often find that the little (but important) things have been forgotten about. There are 101 reasons why something like auto file growth can be a bad thing; the default is 10% so if you have a 10GB database you could end up seeing a 1GB autogrowth event. An event of that size is very expensive both in I/O and WAIT events.

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An (A)DBA and SQL Monitor

In my professional life I am a C# .net Developer and the accidental dba (ADBA) at my company. I call my self an ADBA because we didn’t originally have a Database Administrator and I sort of fell into the role. The company grew and although it’s databases were already important they were now under greater strain and needed to be run on better hardware.

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