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Minecraft Video: Those poor little chickens…


It’s saturday, which means that it’s Minecraft-day. I am sat in my local Internet Cafe (Surf ‘n’ Play in Bristol) with two of my friends. Mike aka @ShennyUK is working at the counter, well when I say working I mean that he is playing WOW until customers wave franticly at him. Sam aka @Kaivana (aka stupid-face) is joining me in our Minecraft World, we thought we might have a little play with the new potions feature of Minecraft 1.9r4. Here is the result!

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A little distraction, MineCraft

The Inner Courtyard of our Castle

It’s been a little over a week since I last posted, unlike @stillawake who is posting once a day for the rest of the year (take a look here). My excuse is that I have been sucked into playing what on the outside seams like a very simple computer game. It is however rather complex […]

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