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XML Feed Configuration woes

It has been one of those weeks (well two in a row actually); some legacy systems went astray and some bad decisions were made by some of my colleagues. In both situations myself and other members of my team rode to the rescue and corrected the problems quickly. Needless to say I am glad that […]

Angry at Carphone Warehouse and O2

So I am currently in a rather angry mood; currently I want to locate O2′s head office and storm in their and “demand satisfaction”! But I suppose that this rant of a post will have to do. Allow me to set the scene:

Yesterday I spotted a great deal on Carphone Warehouses website; it was for the phone I had been tempted with recently and at a great price (no up front charge). If you want to take a look it might still be here. So I put in my order and started to look forward to the arrival of my shiny new HTC One M8.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Closed for the Last Time

It seems that each day as you walk through the city you spot another shop holding a “Closing Down Sale”. The news reporters don’t appear to tire of telling us how the “Current economic climate is forcing many independent traders to close down”, however each week I see yet another niche fast food store opening […]


Getting a new Computer, just a thought

AntiVirus Software

I have been entertaining a theory for a while regarding the impact of security software on a machine over time. As I have a little spare time over the holidays I thought I would do a tiny bit of research on the topic. So whilst I sit and half watch Terminator 2, I have been googling some historical figures regarding memory usage of Antivirus programs.


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