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One week later: Puppy’s first week

Daisy enjoying her first bath!

It has been Severn days; yet it feels both like a month and a evening at the same time. There have been a number of changes to our lives in such a shot time; some we expected and planned for, others weren’t and required some action, and finally there have been some that just make […]


Puppy Daisy Meet World

Daisy and Mr Horse

Today shall for ever be known as “P” Day, aka Puppy Day. This morning we picked up our new West Highland White Terrier (aka a Westie Puppy) Daisy. Daisy was one of seven pups in her litter (a lot for a west highland terrier) so she has been used to a big family from the […]


It has been a while….again

So it seems that I have neglected my duties again; I have failed to post any articles again. There are many reasons; some work some life but all not good enough! I want to start writing articles again; I just need to find the right topics to get me interested (and hopefully you also). Perhaps […]


Smelly Little Rat Babies

Kryten and his Carrot

I have just completed one of my joyous weekly tasks, that of cleaning out my pet rats. It has been a week since they were last cleaned out and to be brutally honest they hard started to smell a little like poo! Whilst I was cleaning out the base of their cage in the shower I realised that I haven’t written anything about them for months, they wouldn’t be impressed if they knew!


A Little more HDR, this time at the Zoo!

A Crocodile at Bristol Zoo (HDR)

A Little more HDR, this time at the Zoo! This started out life as a set of three bracketed photographs of a West African dwarf Crocodile in the Reptile House of Bristol Zoo (@BristolZooGdns). This beautiful example is a member of a vulnerable species and is the smallest example of the crocodile genus. Unfortunately this croc’s brothers and sisters are often killed for bush meat or even worse just to turn them into shoes.

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