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Another Blooming Christmas 2011

Another Blooming Christmas

The nights are drawing in closer and closer by the day and we have been having some crazy weather, I mean hail storms four times a day! It’s been tough but we have nearly managed to buy all our Christmas presents, just two left to go and then we can relax! Typically the two remaining presents are the hardest to find, one of the people has zero hobbies so is equally impossible to buy for.

So Christmas is here, when did that happen?

Happy Coca Cola Chirstmas 2011

Our Christmas tree is up, presents are being bought and Coca Cola has bought Christmas to Bristol. It really is time for another blooming christmas! The Coca Cola Christmas truck visited Bristol again this year, giving out mini-cans of Coke to everyone with a good helping of Christmas cheer. I am still working on my […]

Beautiful Colour

At The Night They Would Go Walking

It can be really rewarding when you open up an image on your computer a few hours after taking the photograph. This photo is the result of tone-mapping three shots together (three separate exposures), and I am really happy with the outcome. I havn’t altered the colour, it is just as nature intended!


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