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Beautiful Colour

At The Night They Would Go Walking

It can be really rewarding when you open up an image on your computer a few hours after taking the photograph. This photo is the result of tone-mapping three shots together (three separate exposures), and I am really happy with the outcome. I havn’t altered the colour, it is just as nature intended!


Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Emma and I joined up with some friends of ours in Glastonbury today, I have been to Glastonbury many times but never been up to the Tor. We parked off the high street and went for a walk to the Tor, it is a pleasant walk through some farm land, then you reach the bottom of the Tor and think “damn I have to walk up there”!

A Baby Tapir at Bristol Zoo

One of the three month old baby Lions at Bristol Zoo

My girlfriend Emma and I went on another trip to Bristol Zoo today, this time with the specific intention to visit the new born Tapir. We went a few days after it was born, but were unable to see it as it was still hiding in the birthing room. However today we were much more lucky; the baby boy (less than a month old) was running around his enclosure with Mum, Dad and big Sister he even went for a family swim!

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