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Did you remember?

Poppies on display at a war memorial

Another year has passed since the end of the Great War (as our forefathers called it at the time), and the world has again stood still for a short two minutes to remember all those who died in the name of their countries in not only that conflict but all others since.


Occupy Bristol

It's Not A Recession It's A Robbery

The 99% today started to occupy bristol, well they started to occupy College Green anyway. At 12:00 sharp people were meant to arrive and take over the area in the name of ‘the standard person’, however by 1:30pm very few had actually arrived at one point there were more Police Officers than there were occupiers.


Hello Hello Hello, What’s going on here then?

Yesterday the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) tabled plans for new legislation that would give them the power to close down domain names that they deem to be engaged in criminal activity. Currently it appears that the “security services” would make the decision and not a judge, sounds slightly Orwellian to me!

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