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So this is Christmas

Christmas Robin

As I write this I am sat in a comfy leather arm-chair in the tastily decorated sitting room of Emma’s (@martianseraph) Father. Around me are many years worth of trappings, there is a model of an old steam locomotive to my left and a Roman bastard sword hanging above my head! Outside I can hear […]

Excuse me but my bag is missing…

Where's My Bag?

A quick picture from the morning we set sail on our Cruise Holiday. We spotted this strange but apparently regular occurrence. Someone had left their bag in the waiting room, rather than carrying it on to the ship. By that time the gang plank had been lifted so the dock workers tied a rope to the bag and it was hauled aboard over the water!


Back from Holiday, with special news!

The view of the stern pool on the MV Ventura as seen from the Circus Deck (19)

Apart from a quick post in Barcelona (that Wordpress for iOS neglected to post correctly) I haven’t written anything since we left for our cruise around the Mediterranean. As you can guess I am now back in good old Bristol (still in the sun though which is good!), so it is time to write a few posts about our adventure.

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