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One week later: Puppy’s first week

Daisy enjoying her first bath!

It has been Severn days; yet it feels both like a month and a evening at the same time. There have been a number of changes to our lives in such a shot time; some we expected and planned for, others weren’t and required some action, and finally there have been some that just make […]


Puppy Daisy Meet World

Daisy and Mr Horse

Today shall for ever be known as “P” Day, aka Puppy Day. This morning we picked up our new West Highland White Terrier (aka a Westie Puppy) Daisy. Daisy was one of seven pups in her litter (a lot for a west highland terrier) so she has been used to a big family from the […]


Hedgehog barred from Oldstation in Suffolk

Hedgehogs are cute right?

We all know that Hedgehogs are cute, and that geeks love them (Sonic the Hedgehog is after all the best of the specie). So as a self proclaimed geek myself I would be amiss if I didn’t inform you all of this disastrous event in the Hedgehog world. A simple hedgehog who was quietly going […]


Quick Post: SQL File Growth

When you first take over a database system you often find that the little (but important) things have been forgotten about. There are 101 reasons why something like auto file growth can be a bad thing; the default is 10% so if you have a 10GB database you could end up seeing a 1GB autogrowth event. An event of that size is very expensive both in I/O and WAIT events.

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