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Zoom goes the bike

So perhaps the title of this post is not 100% true, more “go” than “zoom”! It has been a while since I cycled to work; last time I was knocked off by bike by a van driver and I damaged my shoulder. My shoulder has mostly healed now and my monthly parking permit has expired so I have decided to get back on my bike and cycle to work. It’s not a long way or a particularly hard route but it is enough for me (my knees don’t work very well).


Minecraft Video: Those poor little chickens…


It’s saturday, which means that it’s Minecraft-day. I am sat in my local Internet Cafe (Surf ‘n’ Play in Bristol) with two of my friends. Mike aka @ShennyUK is working at the counter, well when I say working I mean that he is playing WOW until customers wave franticly at him. Sam aka @Kaivana (aka stupid-face) is joining me in our Minecraft World, we thought we might have a little play with the new potions feature of Minecraft 1.9r4. Here is the result!

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Stokes Croft Riot, Silly Tesco

Stokes Croft Riot Police

Last night the Police attempted to evict some squatters in Stokes Croft, unfortunately for the police (and the tax payer) it went sour. The police went in hard when the feared that the new Tesco store in Stokes Croft was going to be attacked, and it was.