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Dog Product Reviews

We have a West Highland White Terrier named Daisy in our family; she was born in May 2015. Owning a puppy/dog is not a cheep event; there are a number of products that you need from day one. Being the geek that I am I researched a number of different products to find both the best and best value item. I have listed out a number of products that we have used here so that others might benefit (please note that where I can I have given links on amazon.co.uk; you can generally order most products from them for next day delivery if you have a prime account).

Food and Treats

Wainwrights Puppy Food

Daisy currently eats Wainwrights Turkey and Rice Puppy Food, it is free of all sorts of nasty additives and has really improved her lifestyle. We were told that unlike other brands such as Bakers Complete it does not contain so many additives that drive dogs crazy (apparently Bakers Complete is akin to feeding a two year old child haribo for breakfast!)

Pedigree Pouch Puppy Food Selection in Jelly 24 x 100g (Pack of 2, Total 48 pouches)
To give Daisy some variety in her diet we give her a pouch of wet food with her evening meal. Wet food is an important part of a dogs diet, it gives moisture that helps them to digest their food and keeps their gut healthy.
Wagg Training Treats With Chicken, Beef and Lamb 125 g (Pack of 7)
We use a number of treats to keep Daisy interested; she doesn't get a lot of them in a day but they are good for training and rewards. The Wagg training treats are nice and soft so she can eat them fast and not forget about the training we are doing.
Wagg Puppy Treats 120g
Another great treat that is nice and soft; these are a little bigger than the above wagg treats.

Cleaning Products

Bags On Board Scented Refill Rolls, Pack of 120
Bags on a Roll are cheep and effective. You are going to go through a lot of poo bags so price is very important. So far these haven't ripped or leaked!
Hygiene Range Tushie Wipe (Set of 100)
Tushie wipes sound like a strange product for a dog; but whilst it is still learning about its buisness it will no doubt sit back down in its poops after it has done it! These wipes help to remove the mess and clear up the smells!
Petkin Paw Wipes 100pcs
Part of the same range as the tushie wipes these are good at cleaning off your pets paws when they get dirty. Cleaning a puppy's paws is very important as they will chew and lick them if they are dirty.
Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray 8 oz
Although not really a cleaning product, this is great for stopping your dog from chewing on everything! It is a bitter tasting spray that will discourage them from chewing, it does evaporate over time so you will need to reapply until they learn.
Bob Martin Disinfectant, 500 ml
A pet safe cleaner, great for spraying on any accidents in the house. It also has a smell that helps to keep your pup away from the mess whilst it dries.
Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover for Dogs, 750 ml
A good odour control product, use it to saturate anywhere that your dog pees (inside at least) and it will remove the smell to prevent your dog from doing it there again.

You can also buy refills to help save some more money! There is a Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover for Dogs 4 Litre refill on amazon.

Toys and Things

Tuffy Jr Dinosaur Stegosaurus
Tuffy is one of Daisy's favorite toys, its strong and so far shows no signs of damage. Its nearly as big as she is at the moment but it helps her to keep her teething pain down.
Trixie Drinking Bottle with Bowl, 700 ml
This is a nice low price water bottle ideal for keeping in the car (just make sure you keep the water fresh). It doesn't leak and it holds a good quantity of water to pour out for your dog to drink.
Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
This pack of nylabones was perfect for daisy from the moment we got her; they are great for keeping her occupied whilst she is teething. And are a good distraction whilst she is still being taught not to bite.
AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads, Regular, 50-Count
Puppy pee pads can be expensive, but these seem to be as good as any and are nice and cheep thanks to the Amazon Basics range.

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