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Minecraft is a game in the sandbox genre, the “world” is one giant sandbox where you can play god.  You craft the world into the shape that you want it, everything (well nearly) can be smashed and turned into something else.  For example you can cut down a tree, turn the logs into wood, turn the wood into sticks and attach them to some wood to get a wooden pickaxe. You could then use that pickaxe to mine some stone to add to the sticks to make a stone axe to make cutting trees faster.  Minecraft has over fifty different “crafting recipes” everything from tools (like the pickaxe) to mushroom stew (for food).

The Inner Courtyard of our Castle

The draw of the game is hard to explain, I started playing because a friend told me about it but now I’m hooked.  I’m playing on a server (that I am hosting) along with five of my friends, we all shape the world together undertaking vast construction projects from castles to railways (to get from our homes to the castle!).

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  • karen bailey says:

    HI, do you know of a minecraft interest/gaming group near Yate/Chipping sodbury. I have an addicted 13 year old in the house and would like him to get out more!!
    Thanks Karen

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