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Puppy Daisy Meet World

Daisy and Mr Horse

Today shall for ever be known as “P” Day, aka Puppy Day. This morning we picked up our new West Highland White Terrier (aka a Westie Puppy) Daisy. Daisy was one of seven pups in her litter (a lot for a west highland terrier) so she has been used to a big family from the […]


Hedgehog barred from Oldstation in Suffolk

Hedgehogs are cute right?

We all know that Hedgehogs are cute, and that geeks love them (Sonic the Hedgehog is after all the best of the specie). So as a self proclaimed geek myself I would be amiss if I didn’t inform you all of this disastrous event in the Hedgehog world. A simple hedgehog who was quietly going […]


Puppy Preparations

We moved in to our “new” house in late 2013; there was a lot of work to do as the previous owner had not exactly kept it in a fit state. There were holes in walls where he had hung up TVs (seriously who cuts a TV sized hole in the plasterboard?) The garden was […]

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It has been a while….again

So it seems that I have neglected my duties again; I have failed to post any articles again. There are many reasons; some work some life but all not good enough! I want to start writing articles again; I just need to find the right topics to get me interested (and hopefully you also). Perhaps […]


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