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Hedgehog barred from Oldstation in Suffolk

Hedgehogs are cute right?

We all know that Hedgehogs are cute, and that geeks love them (Sonic the Hedgehog is after all the best of the specie). So as a self proclaimed geek myself I would be amiss if I didn’t inform you all of this disastrous event in the Hedgehog world. A simple hedgehog who was quietly going […]


Jeremy the UOB Fox

Jermy The UOB Fox

I spent the majority of today writing a database back end for one of my private clients, so I was glad when I got the chance to go for a walk in the sun whilst I waited for Emma to finish work. I was out and about with my camera searching for more Wow175 Gorillas, when I came across a strange sight in the garden next to the Wills Memorial Tower.

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A Baby Tapir at Bristol Zoo

One of the three month old baby Lions at Bristol Zoo

My girlfriend Emma and I went on another trip to Bristol Zoo today, this time with the specific intention to visit the new born Tapir. We went a few days after it was born, but were unable to see it as it was still hiding in the birthing room. However today we were much more lucky; the baby boy (less than a month old) was running around his enclosure with Mum, Dad and big Sister he even went for a family swim!

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